“Enter freely, and of your own will…”

“…and leave behind a little of the happiness that you bring.”

Lovely sentiment.

Wasted on the lips of Count Dracula though.

My name is not Metabaronic, but Adrian Middleton, and this, for better or for worse, is my blog.

If you haven’t arrived here by virtue of the fact that you know who I am, then I’d better introduce myself. There are plenty of words that might describe me – most of them expletives – but I like the term polyhistor, which at least covers the diversity of my interests. Beyond that, I’m basically a writer, editor, publisher (Fringeworks), would-be do-gooder, local historian, occasional consultant/entrepreneur and former innovator/strategist.

My online presence has evolved from Livejournal to Facebook, various less successful social media experiments alongside and in-between, but I’ve been more of an opinionated commentator than a diarist with a flair for the written word. I do have a flair for the written word, having applied my brain to the challenges of “innovative regional e-strategies”, the development of shared world bibles and the knocking out of the odd work of fiction.

Anyway, with the introduction out of the way lets move on to what I and my blog are about:


I edit on occasion, and I will endeavour to share my thoughts and experiences on the process. There will be three broad areas I’ll cover: Advice, Calls, Events, Experiences.


After some years working in innovation it is hardly surprising that I might carry the odd idea forward. To me the sharing of ideas is an essential contribution to society, and here is where I’ll share them. They may be too broad to tag, but they’ll include a few recurring themes: Business Ideas, Creative Concepts, Storylines.


Let’s face it, something’s are important in our lives, perhaps for no readily apparent reason, but the strike a chord. The influence. They impress. I will talk about these things: Books, People, Places.


Some things come along that I really need to talk about: Business, Experiences, Philanthropy, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science, Society.

I like to play devil’s advocate, and I like to challenge norms. What I will not do is follow the herd or a trend. If I say it, I have considered it.


As with editing, I plan to share my experiences as a small independent publisher. There are plenty of topics I can, and will, talk about: The Book Market, Charity Books, e-Publishing, Events, Fringeworks, the Future of Publishing, Observations.


I have written the occasional review for others, but it seems right that I should also produce some here. They will mostly be book reviews, but it’s a broad church: Audio, Fiction, Film, Games, Non-Fiction, Television.


I write. A lot. As with editing and publishing there will be plenty I have to say, and again, there will be a fair bit to cover: Events, Experiences, Method, Non-Fiction, Speculative Fiction.

I’ll be sure to tag my posts appropriately.

And with that, blogosphere, Happy following!

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Adrian’s life in publishing began as a prolific fanzine editor, producing some 300 issues in the early 1990s. His first book was Shelf Life, an anthology published in memory of his friend Craig Hinton. He then spent several years writing strategies and policy documents for the government before establishing an independent press, Fringeworks, which he tries so hard to keep going.

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