Games reviews

For me, gaming will always refer to those years spent role-playing with my peers. From the early days of empty classroom adventures to the Barrier Peaks at break-time, through to the endless quest for new games and gaming clubs announced in early editions of White Dwarf back before Games Workshop declared the age of the role-playing game was dead. After that I had enough friends – for a while – to gather round the circular living room table, playing well into the night, bundling up in tattered sleeping bags or else yomping home in the early hours, desperately avoiding police patrols that might mistake my games-laden rucksack for swag; or the era of the University Games Society complete with friendly tabletop brawls.

It might refer to computer games on occasion but, you know, P&P was my obsession, and my museum of the hundreds of RPGs still lines a corridor in the mausoleum that I call home.

Guide to my star ratings:

  1. Dire
  2. Poor
  3. Average
  4. Above Average
  5. Outstanding

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