Speculative Fiction

It should come as no surprise that I’m a writer. I write, and have been doing so since I was a child. My first story involved an action hero-cum-spy whose hunting down of terrorists led him to a mystery on a desert island in the Bermuda Triangle, and he’s been trying to get back ever since.

I also wrote a sequel to Star Wars in between 1977 and 1981. I didn’t realise I was spoilering Return of the Jedi for myself, but those were the days…

Then there were the short stories. In 1980, the fourteen year-old me wrote my first Cyberpunk chapter one. It was a stand-alone story I hoped to expand into a novel, becoming the first in a long line of stories which, as they tend to be stand-alone, I may one day release as the ‘Collected Chapter Ones’.


Being shy, I never submitted a damn thing until 1991, when I started pitching to Doctor Who – The New Adventures, whilst editing around 300+ fanzines (and writing associated short stories) which I was using to develop my expertise. Let’s just say that despite a promising opportunity and my first (aborted) foray into series editing, I mastered the art of self-sabotage.

By 1996 I was done. Marriage over, writing career screwed, proper job on the ascendant. For the best part of ten years I set writing aside in favour of my career, accidently becoming an author of policy documents, published strategies and business cases instead.

Only when, in 2005, my friend Craig Hinton persuaded me to write a Doctor Who novel for fun did I resume my writing. Sadly he died a year later, propelling me into the two-year editing project which culminated in my decision to start again.

The editing gig in 2008 saw me start a new novel, and by 2012 I had set up Fringeworks. If there is anything to distract you from writing, it’s editing and publishing, but I carved my niche writing the odd story for my own company. Unethical? I thought so at first, using the pseudonym Adem Rolfe, but soon realised that I was being asked to write stories by editors rather than simply inserting them.

So now there are books out there. Short stories and novellas so far, but that will change.

Image courtesy of and copyright Craig Beas, 2015.

My published fiction to date is as follows:

  • Ain’t No Sanity Clause
  • Dead Men’s Tales
  • Drabble Who?
  • Eliminating the Possible
  • Grimm and Grimmer (Volume 1)
  • NeaDNAthal
  • Shelf Life
  • Steam Flashes
  • The Lavender Men
  • The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (Part I)
  • The Scoundrel of Bohemia
  • Weird Trails #1

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