Pumped Full of Lifting Gas (Opinions)


So opinions are just hot air? Well, hot air can serve a purpose. It can raise you up, and it can help you to fly.

So there.

This part of the blog shall be the canvas that my opinions shall inflate. I can’t promise you’ll agree with them, and I can’t promise that I’ll maintain them. I have an open mind, and I’d like to think that some of my options will change, perhaps because I’ve aired them here. Assuming of course that anyone pays them a visit.

I expect to be airing views on a number of subjects dear to my hearts:

Business as an owner;
Life Experiences from life;
Philanthropy please;
Philosophy as an optimistic nihilist;
Politics socially liberal;
Religion from an atheist perspective;
Science as an advocate;
Society as a valuer and would-be enabler.

Being a business owner doesn’t make me a capitalist. It makes me poor.

Relating experiences from life doesn’t just make me a gossip. It makes me human.

Wanting philanthropy doesn’t convince me that it still exists. Somebody prove me wrong.

Nihilism doesn’t make me an anarchic rebel, it makes me value what time we have left.

Being socially liberal makes me neither a Socialist nor a Libertarian. I strongly believe in freedom, but not at the expense of a civil society.

Being an atheist does not make me an anti-theist, nor a satanist, nor a pagan. I identify as an abgnostic, and I value the solace religion offers even as I condemn its abuse as a tool for common purpose.

Being an advocate of the scientific method does not mean everything that science asserts is accurate, merely that is offers the most balanced assessment of the facts as they are currently perceived.

Valuing and enabling society are fundamental to continuing peace and to sustaining and improving the quality of our lives.

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