Politics. I studied it, I worked within a policy environment. In my primary career I helped devise programmes, developed strategies and implemented many political initiatives (business, communications, funding, housing, infrastructure, land, licensing, regeneration, transport etc etc). At the same time I was a union representative intimately involved in more grass roots issues (discrimination policy, employment policy, equal opportunities, pay negotiation, workers rights, working conditions). My views have changed over the years, reflecting these experiences and affirming my adherence to the middle ground (whetever that is). I’ve been called a Tory by socialists, a Liberal by businesses, a Leftie by conservatives. Its confusing, especially when my earliest political memory is combining Thatcherism and Marxism in a rather odd manifesto that still makes me blush.

A lot of the time I play devil’s advocate, which often turns me into the sacrificial lamb. I’m used to it, but it still smarts.

C’est la vie.

I’ll try, in these pages, to articulate some of my thoughts on the issues that matter to me most. Hopefully it will make sense.


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