What I have written

I’ve told you what I write, now it’s time for a little more depth (or marketing), to talk instead about what I have written.

One day I might reveal the schoolboy adventure story I plagiarised at the age of 10, or the comic I produced at 12 – the same year I wrote an entire Star Wars sequel in fountain pen (let’s just just say a lot of it ended up in Return of the Jedi!). Perhaps I’ll resurrect the Cyberpunk short story I wrote back in 1982, or the Lovecraftian time I invented in 1984. Or the Hitchhikers’ Guide shorts I kept to myself until years later.

My first published ‘thing’ was in Drabble Who. It was… a drabble. I guess that kicked off my 90s phase of writing Doctor Who novel pitches, which led to lots of fanzines and short stories, two book deals that fell through, and a long hiatus where I mulled over the work in progress that existed only in my head.

Finally I turned to comedy, writing a novel called Dwat; or Psychopomp and Circumstance which described the adventures of Rabbi Moysheh Ben Amram of Golders’ Green. This was followed by a Millennial novel, which I started six weeks before the millennium (talk about bad timing). Called Millennial Rights it was an unfinished sequel planned to be part two of a trilogy due to finish with Moses the Musical, which was to involve airships, Corporal Hitler and the Titanic.

I then didn’t write for anything but personal pleasure until 2005. Encouraged by my friend Craig Hinton, I wrote a Doctor Who novel called Blink of an Eye in the style of Virgin Books’ Missing Adventures. It was too late to do anything with it (and the central idea got pinched and used elsewhere by another Doctor Who writer).
This was followed by a couple of first drafts – The Man in the Clean White Underpants and Fat Man Dances. I remember that these were written between the death of Douglas Adams and the death of Craig Hinton.

After losing Craig, I agreed to publish an anthology, Shelf Life, which was produced in partnership with Jay Eales and David A McIntee. I wrote/co-wrote/completed several short stories in that volume, and in turn it set me up for starting Fringeworks, a publishing venture that was spawned in 2009 but didn’t start until 2012.

Since then I’ve drafted three novels: Memetect, Starfish and Golden Isle, plus a novella due to be completed this Christmas.

My published Fringeworks bibliography then, is:

  • Ain’t No Sanity Clause

  • Grimm & Grimmer (volumes 3 and 4)

  • Weird Trails (volume 1)

  • Eliminating the Possible

  • The Scoundrel of Bohemia

  • The Lavender Men

  • NeaDNAthal

There are several other things awaiting publication, and I haven’t included essays and forewords and the like, not books published by me but without my input.

Outside of Fringeworks, besides the stories on this and other blogs, I have written in:

  • Drabble Who

  • Shelf Life

  • Steam Flashes

  • The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (Part I)

There is more, some in draft form (probably written during NaNoWriMo) some under pseudonyms, but with Fringeworks I rarely have time to submit stories to someone else.

That’s all about to change…