The Tattooed Twilight (Inspiration)


The things we want to do before we die are selected by the choices we make in life, of the hobbies we pursue, the books we read, the things we sear and hear about. What impresses us makes us want to impress, but we can only do so with effort. Aspiration, Perspiration, then Expiration. Maybe then we too can provide Inspiration. Not that the people who inspired me are all dead. Far from it.

This is that part of my blog that addresses my inspirations, and it will largely deal with:

The Books that obsess me;
The People that motivate me;
The Places that excite and stimulate me.

I suppose this is the place of lists rather than of sagacity. Inspiration is different for everyone, and you can be inspired by the same thing for very different reasons. Doubtless I shall talk about the writers who influenced me, about my fascination with dead ancestors and cultural icons, of my interest in one of the great women of history and of key discoveries which made me what I am and what I want to be in the life I have left.

I hope it’s worth the share.

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