La création est la farci (Food)

too many chefs

My great lost treasure is the Edwardian drawing room comedy wot I wrote, back when I was in school. It was called farci (which means stuffing and, if you hadn’t guessed, was a bit of a play on words), and it was similar in concept to the old Robert Morley film released in the UK as Too Many Chefs.

Needless to say I have had quite a few thoughts on food over the years, with some unusual habits and ideas that I’ve considered both at home and for business. I looked into getting involved in a preserve business once, and I still aspire to run a pub that specialises in ploughman’s lunches and other cold foods.

This part of my blog will, perhaps, exorcise some of those demons as I share experiences, thoughts, and recipes on an even more occasional basis that I share everything else.

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